Iran Issues Threat to President Trump

U.S. military taking preventive measures in Persian Gulf.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently vowed revenge for the airstrike that killed General Soleimani one year ago. In a speech at a ceremony in Iran, he declared that President Trump will be dead “in a few days.”

The U.S. military is taking the threat seriously. The head of the U.S. Africa Command said, “In precautionary moves, the U.S. moved the aircraft carrier Nimitz and its strike group back into the region this month.”

General Frank McKenzie, Commander of U.S. Central Command said, “We do not seek conflict, but no one should underestimate our ability to defend our forces or to act decisively in response to any attack.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the safety of President Trump and his family in light of the recent threats by Iran.
  • For the Secret Service as they protect the president.
  • For Homeland Security as they work to prevent terrorist activities on U.S. soil.
  • For discernment for military officials in the Persian Gulf region.

Sources: Washington Times, Liberty Loft


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