Surgeon General Responds to Vaccine Delays

He says lack of state and local funding is responsible for delays in COVID-19 vaccinations.

Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said the lack of state and local funds may be a major reason why millions of COVID-19 vaccines distributed to states across the country have yet to be given to patients.

Nearly 3 million people have received the vaccine, though the Trump Administration’s goal was to have 20 million doses administered by the end of 2020. Adams expressed the hope of meeting that objective by the end of next week.

In an interview, Surgeon General Adams said, “There’s vaccines manufactured, there’s vaccines allocated, there’s vaccines delivered, and then there’s vaccines put in arms.” He continued, “I used to run a state health department. People forget that we’ve always underfunded public health going back several decades. And so chronically, we need to continue to fund state and local public health better.”

On Wednesday, President Trump tweeted that state officials need to “get moving” on administering shots to first-priority candidates such as healthcare workers and elderly patients in nursing home facilities. Governors have complained of a lack of federal funding.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For state and local officials to receive and allocate the necessary support to administer the vaccines delivered under Operation Warp Speed.
  • For Congress to have discernment regarding the necessary funding for states to achieve the vaccine’s delivery.

Sources: ABC News, Fox News


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