President Authorizes Disaster Assistance for Oklahoma

Disaster declaration approved in the aftermath of a severe winter storm.

This week President Trump declared the existence of a major disaster in the state of Oklahoma. A severe ice storm hit the central and western regions of that state in October 2020, with accumulations of a half-inch or greater of ice which caused widespread damage and massive power outages.

FEMA has named Traci Brasher as the federal coordinator to assist affected areas. Federal assistance will aid local recovery efforts at the state, tribal, and local levels. Funding will support emergency work, repair, replacement, and recovery of facilities, as well as hazard mitigation and damage assessment.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president’s administration as it determines the federal assistance required for states experiencing or recovering from natural disasters.
  • For FEMA and the federal coordinators who facilitate recovery.
  • For the people of Oklahoma impacted by such a devastating ice storm.

Sources: White House,


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