Ivanka Trump Helps at Florida Food Drive

Presidential daughter loads boxes of food before Christmas.

Ivanka Trump helped load boxes of food into cars lined up at a food distribution event in South Florida. The event was close to the area she and her husband recently bought property, and the distributors were happy to have her help. Cars were lined up drive-through style to receive pantry items before the Christmas season.

Those in need who lined up for the event were living in a variety of circumstances. One recipient, Vivian Lopez, lost her job because of the pandemic and needed to feed her family and neighbors. “We are living really hard times,” Lopez said. Some people were lined up for hours to ensure that they would receive provisions before they were gone.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Ivanka Trump as she aids those in need this holiday season.
  • For President Trump in his role as leader in these historic times.
  • That God would bless all Americans with His care and grace this Christmas.

Sources: AP, USA Today


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