Labor Department Releases Jobs Report

Jobless claims rose for second week in a row.

As coronavirus numbers have climbed across the nation, unemployment numbers have increased with them. Jobless claims were up by 23,000 this past week, resulting in a total of 885,000 unemployment claims filed since the beginning of the fiscal year. Unemployment has been steadily increasing since Thanksgiving.

20.6 million people are currently registered for unemployment claims through the Department of Labor. The recent increase brings the jobless level to its highest point in the last three months, indicating the resurging pandemic’s impact on the economy.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would aid the Department of Labor in their care for American workers.
  • For Congress as they finalize their plan to aid America through the final stretches of the pandemic.
  • That citizens of the United States to look to the Savior for hope this holiday season.

Sources: Bloomberg, The Hill


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