Homeland Security Issues Cyber Security Warning

Full extent of damage unclear.

On Monday, multiple U.S. agencies scrambled to close up an opening created by an attack on their cyber securities and operations. The cybersecurity firm FireEye had discovered it had been breached in the later part of Sunday. They alerted the federal government immediately, since their respective securities are similar and could have been breached at the same time.

Agencies such as the Treasury and Commerce departments were indeed compromised, and in the wake of plugging up the leaks, many key questions are left unanswered. “How much was compromised? How much was exfiltrated? There are lots of open questions now,” said cyber policy coordinator Chris Painter.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For CISA and the NSA in their future investigations into this attack.
  • For the Treasury and Commerce Departments, and other agencies that have been compromised.
  • That the Trump administration would be successful in their efforts to resolve the issues.

Sources: AP, DHS.gov


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