Aid to Unemployed Set to Expire

Nearly 14 million Americans will lose benefits.

According to a Department of Labor Report, millions of American families receiving unemployment benefits under pandemic programs will see them expire the day after Christmas.

As of November 7, the most recent data available, a total of 13.7 million people were receiving unemployment benefits through the emergency CARES Act-related programs. That is up from 13.1 million for the week ending October 31. More claims have been filed in recent weeks as surges in the coronavirus have occurred and businesses have closed.

In October, the national average weekly federal benefit was $317.  Benefits in most states last for up to 26 weeks before they are cut off, and there are new filings each week.

Congress and the Administration have not been able to agree on another round of fiscal stimulus that could replace the programs that expire December 26.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For families who are in danger of losing whatever benefits they may have from unemployment and CARES Act compensation.
  • That Congress and the Administration would come together on the size of a stimulus program and the inclusion of certain liability protections.

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