Thursday, November 19

Today, President Donald Trump has no public events on his agenda today and is expected to remain in Washington, D.C.

On Wednesday, President Trump released a message regarding Antibiotic Awareness Week. He stated, “Antibiotics play a powerful role in modern medicine.  They are instrumental in treating countless Americans with serious bacterial infections and preventing infection among others who are at-risk.  Over the years, however, antibiotics have been overprescribed and overused.”

“Overuse of antibiotics can be deadly. … Addressing the threat of antibiotic overuse is a public health priority.”

The president concluded, “During Antibiotic Awareness Week, we urge all Americans to be good stewards of this critical resource and commit to supporting the discovery of new therapeutic strategies and evidence-based prescribing practices to slow the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in humans, plants, and animals.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For President Trump as his administration addresses the issues facing the nation.
  • For the CDC and Department of Health and Human Services as they work to prevent overuse of antibiotics.
  • For the Coronavirus Task Force as therapies and guidelines are issued during the spike in infections.
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