Biden Ahead in Pennsylvania and Georgia

Counting irregularities are still under investigation.

On Friday, the vote count in Pennsylvania and Georgia was updated by each state’s respective board of elections. Due to nearing the completion of counting mail-in ballots, former Vice President Biden has narrowly taken the lead as votes continue to be counted. Many expect him to retain that lead as the process completes.

President Trump has challenged the count. He spoke from the White House briefing room, saying that irregularities have been reported in key states. President Trump’s campaign has filed lawsuits in several states already to contest the results, and Georgia’s governor has confirmed a recount will take place.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the Lord’s will to be done in the outcome of the election.
  • For the president’s administration to have wisdom in its approach and response to the results.
  • For an accurate counting of voters’ ballots. 

Sources: AP, CNN, NPR


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