Puerto Ricans Vote in Favor of Statehood

Non-binding referendum passed with 52 percent of votes.

Support for U.S. statehood accompanied a very close race for governor of Puerto Rico. One candidate had campaigned on retaining the island’s current commonwealth status while the other was eager to push for becoming the United States’ 51st state.

This was the sixth time the statehood referendum appeared on the island’s modern ballots—the last one in 2017. For years, opposition activists have been pushing for modifications of the current Commonwealth system and complete independence.

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York has urged statehood for both Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Congress would need to approve any reformations of the island’s status.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Congress to have wisdom in considering statehood for Puerto Rico or Washington, D.C. in its next session beginning in January.
  • For the people of Puerto Rico, both those who wish to join the United States and for those who wish to remain an independent commonwealth territory.

Sources: Reuters, Associated Press


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