Another Storm System Heads Toward U.S.

Florida, Southeast coast, and Gulf Coast could be hit.

Eta was a Category 4 hurricane when it moved into Nicaragua earlier this week. According to the National Hurricane Center, steering currents in the Caribbean are moving the storm, which is currently a Tropical Depression, over Cuba, and then possibly toward Florida, the Southeast coast, or even the Gulf Coast. All of those regions need to monitor the actions of this storm over the next several days.

Heavy rains from Eta caused deadly landslides while drenching the eastern portion of Honduras and the north of neighboring Nicaragua.

As of Thursday morning, the storm was moving across Honduras, bringing downpours and “life-threatening flooding.” Eta is expected to move back over open water by Thursday night, where it will once again regain strength. It is forecast to reach Cuba by Sunday, crossing over the island, before setting its track for the United States.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For citizens across the portions of America that could be in the target zone of Eta.
  • For those who are responding to the storm-caused emergencies in Central America.
  • For the states in the southeastern U.S. that are in the midst of recovering from this year’s very active hurricane season.

Sources: Fox News, National Weather Service


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