State Leaders Concerned About Election Day Unrest

Some are considering deployment of National Guard.

State and city governments along with federal law enforcement agencies and business leaders across the country are making plans to deal with political instability, civil unrest, and potential violence around the upcoming presidential election.

Concerns range from isolated violent incidents to more mass protests, as well as confrontations between extremist groups that would lead to violence and property damage, if the outcome of the election remains unclear or is hotly contested. If an election dispute would last for weeks or months, security consultants warn of the violent actions becoming more extreme.

Key battleground state governors for Wisconsin and Arizona have already announced they could or would activate the National Guard to help with security. Already the Guard in New Jersey is assisting election officials with balloting. Delaware and Washington state Guard personnel will provide election-related tech aid, and Tennessee’s Guard is opening polling stations for rural communities. Nebraska and Alabama leaders say they have been developing contingency plans.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For state and local officials and the plans, they are formulating to protect their citizens in the event of violent unrest surrounding the election.
  • That those who violate state and local laws creating mayhem or engaging in violence would be arrested, detained, and brought to appropriate justice.
  • That President Trump and former Vice President Biden would speak out against violent protests of any kind.
  • For the half of this divided nation who are going to be upset by the election results, whichever way they go.

Sources: CNN, Morning Call, Fox News


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