Day 3

Day 3 – Hope Triumphs Over Fear

Proverbs 2:7 – He stores up sound wisdom for the upright; He is a shield to those who walk in integrity


  • For God to fill us help up not lose hope in the face of the coronavirus.
  • For political candidates at every level to focus on truth and transparency instead of fear.
  • That the coronavirus would be seen as a medical and that politics and agendas would be put aside.
  • For a spirit of unity for the individuals who will be elected next week in order that they can work together with those already in office on calming the nation’s fears and working towards solutions.
  • For balanced scientific plans for safely reopening the nation’s economy, schools, and churches.
  • For wisdom and divine inspiration for those working in laboratories and for companies who are working to develop a vaccine to address COVID-19.
  • For good health and encouragement for the men and women who are participating in the coronavirus vaccine trials.
  • For protection against the virus for all first responders and for those in the medical field working with coronavirus patients and to save lives.
  • For God’s perfect will to be accomplished through this global pandemic and that all people would turn to Him in this time of need.
  • For those stricken with the coronavirus to look to Jesus, our Great Physician, for healing and comfort.

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