No More Sleeping on the Job

Now is the time for action.

Romans 13:11 – The hour has come for you to wake from sleep.

Can you sense the urgency of the day? The urgent need for moral direction? The urgent need for understanding? The urgent need for compassion, peace and love?

As the world seems to be running full speed ahead into brokenness and darkness, what are you to do? Christ followers are to live so radically different from the world, that the people of the world take notice.  God has called you to a life that reflects His love for humankind. You can do that with your general behavior, and your attitudes. Christians are not called to be subtle and secret about loving. Loving God and loving your neighbor can outshine the darkness. But it won’t happen if you are asleep on the job. You can’t know the result of the love you allow to flow from God through you to others, but there will be a glorious unfolding of it someday… perhaps soon.

Pray With Us

Heavenly Father, You have shown me what real love is all about. Like the Apostle Paul, I want to leave no debt outstanding except the continuing debt to love one another. Gently nudge me when I drift into selfish attitudes or behaviors that fail to show love to others. Help me especially this week when I’m tempted not to be too loving toward those who have voted differently from how I did. Keep me mindful of my need to reflect Your love in everything. Thank You for Your love for me in Jesus,


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