Mazie Hirono, U.S. Senator from Hawaii

Mazie Hirono

U.S. Senator from Hawaii

Mazie Keiko Hirono was born in November 1947 in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. The family emigrated to Hawaii, settling in Honolulu. Hirono became a naturalized citizen in 1959, the year Hawaii became a state. She graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with an undergraduate degree in psychology. She obtained her Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center, returning to Honolulu to practice law.

She served six years in the Hawaii House of Representatives, then was elected Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii, serving eight years. She was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, serving from 2007 to 2013 when she was elected to the United States Senate.

Hirono is a Buddhist. She is a cancer survivor.

In the News…

In a recent interview, Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii said she favored adding more justices to the United States Supreme Court.

“This is long overdue court reform as far as I’m concerned, and I have been thinking about court reform and what we can do regarding the Supreme Court to make it much more objective. So this is not something that a lot of us have not thought about,” she said.

Hirono, who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, continued, “But on the other hand after the election, we only have a serious discussion about any of these things if the Democrats take back the Senate. But the first danger is, what’s going to happen in November when the Supreme Court takes up the Affordable Care Act? That is what everybody should be worried about and concerned.”

She added, “What I get from Joe Biden is, first and foremost, he has to get elected. Let’s keep our eye on the ball. The people of America have a very clear choice in Joe Biden… So, first and foremost, Joe Biden has to get elected, Kamala Harris has to get elected. Democrats need to get elected to the Senate. We need to take back the Senate so we can address some of the hypothetical things you’re talking about, but which I have been thinking about for years now.”

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Did you pray for Senator Hirono today? You can let her know at:

The Honorable Mazie Hirono
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