You have great significance in the sight of God.

Isaiah 43:4 – You are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you.

Do you ever feel like God is distant, that He doesn’t care about what is happening with you? Let today’s verse give you a different perspective.  You sang it as a child, “Jesus loves the little children…all are precious in His sight.” Why have you forgotten that today?

God loves His people, and He loves you.  There are few parents who welcome a newborn into their family whose hearts don’t swell with a love they had only imagined before that child was born. If you are that parent, he or she is a part of you,  someone who will carry genetic traits of you and your spouse. That tiny human being is your creation, just as truly as he is God’s. 

You come from the Lord, you are His child, and there will always be a connection there. God loves  you with a parent’s love, only far greater than any human parent could do. You are precious; you have great value to Him. And you are honored—held in a place of high esteem. Can you fathom that? God regards you that highly.

Do not take that love for granted. Respond as an obedient and loving child…for that is what you are.

Pray With Us

Holy God, how blessed I am to be able to call you my Father. I am awed by Your love for me, how Your eyes see me as precious, and how You honor me. Keep me growing closer to You, talking things through with you when I hit a hard spot, relying on You to see me through any difficulty. Thank You for the deep sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus, so that I might have this incredible relationship with the very Creator of the Universe—You. I love you, Lord God, and thank You for hearing my prayer,


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