Chinese Hackers Target American Military

Defense industry also warned to be on guard.

The National Security Agency is warning that Chinese government hackers are taking aim at U.S. computer networks involved in national defense, characterizing the threat posed by Beijing as a critical priority in need of urgent attention.

The NSA urged the Defense Department’s cyber officials and those within the defense industrial base to take action to guard against the intrusion by the Chinese.

“These networks often undergo a full array of tactics and techniques used by Chinese state-sponsored cyber actors to exploit computer networks of interest that hold sensitive intellectual property, economic, political, and military information,” the Tuesday morning advisory warned.

For a number of years, China’s theft of American military secrets has been a top national security issue. Concerns have continued to grow, and a recent internal audit concluded the problem was far more dire than officials had realized.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For America’s military and defense contractors as they seek to prevent network intrusion by China or others.
  • That the industry would be able to fix vulnerabilities of their systems so they are not exploited.
  • For the U.S. government as it navigates increasing tensions with China.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News


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