Dr. Sean Conley, Physician to the President

Dr. Sean Conley

Physician to the President

Sean Patrick Conley was born in 1980 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. He earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame. He received his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is a graduate of the Emergency Medicine Residency Program of Naval Medical Center Portsmouth in Virginia.

He served as an emergency physician with the International Security Assistance Force at Kandahar International Airport outside the city of Kandahar, Afghanistan. He was appointed head of the trauma department. His unit received a commendation from the Romanian Land Forces for saving the life of a Romanian soldier injured by an improvised explosive device.

Dr. Conley served as the research director at Portsmouth Navy Department of Emergency Medicine.

He became the acting White House physician in March 2018, and in May 2018 became the physician to the president. He is a U.S. Navy Commander.

In the News…

A week ago, Dr. Sean Conley reported on the condition of President Trump and his COVID-19 infection. He said the president’s heart rate is 69 beats per minute, and that his blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels remain normal.

“Saturday will be day 10 since [the prior] Thursday’s diagnosis, and based on the trajectory of advanced diagnostics the team has been conducting, I fully anticipate the president’s safe return to public engagements at that time,” he wrote in a memo.

The president tested positive for the coronavirus on October 1. He spent three days at the hospital and required supplemental oxygen twice before returning to the White House residence the following Monday.


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