Nothing will endure without a solid foundation.

Psalm 89:14 – Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne.

South Padre Island, Texas’ Ocean Towers was designed to be a 31-story structure to house high-end condominiums. However, the construction of the tower couldn’t be completed because of foundational problems. The expansive soil beneath the tower began to compact, causing the building to sink and lean. Construction ceased and the building had to be demolished in 2009.

When construction began on the Tower of Pisa 480 years ago, workers immediately ran into soil-related foundation issues. Work stopped for nearly a century due to political unrest in Italy, but construction ultimately continued despite the tower’s famous lean. Attempts to compensate for poor soil quality failed numerous times, and today the tower continues to its downward descent but at a slower pace due to foundation repairs.

Just as the throne of God has righteousness and justice for its foundation, so a government founded on the principles of the U.S. Constitution must include those same forces. Since the government is made up of the people you elect, you should look for righteousness and justice in the platforms that support them…the things that should be foundational to making up the people that they claim to be.  Be a “foundation engineering inspector” and discern if they are promoting Godly principles and a sentiment of peace and respect for the electorate. Pray, discern, and vote.

Pray With Us

Holy God, You have set the standards for a life of righteousness and justice. Give to me, as You have promised You would, a spirit of discernment to assess which candidates among those seeking the presidency, vice presidency, senator, representative, or other office, are nearest to Your requirements. Guide my investigations into their foundations, the things that underpin them as public servants. Then guide my vote. And, please, O Lord, continue to bless America.


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