President Trump Approves Disaster Declarations for 2 States

Delaware and North Dakota receiving federal assistance.

On Friday, President Donald Trump declared the existence of major disasters for the states of Delaware and North Dakota. Tropical Storm Isaias caused devastation in Delaware and North Dakota has experienced severe storms and flooding in several counties.

North Dakota had a devastating summer storm that included several inches of rain, hail, and high winds. Fields and pastures were swamped, roads were washed out, bridges and railroad tracks damaged, electrical equipment destroyed, and thousands had power knocked out. The damage is estimated to exceed $5 million. FEMA named James R. Stephenson as the Federal Coordinating Officer for federal recovery operations for North Dakota.

Delaware experienced a succession of tornados spawned from the weather system of Tropical Storm Isaias. The extreme weather caused trees to be uprooted, some collapsing on roofs, cars were destroyed, roads flooded, and nearly 100,000 lost power. FEMA named Timothy S. Pheil as the Federal Coordinating Officer for Federal recovery operations for Delaware.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For FEMA to enable state and local recovery efforts to progress.
  • For the people who have lost homes or livelihoods in the disastrous weather.
  • For discernment for President Trump as he provides disaster aid to states.

Sources: White House, Bismark Tribune, Delaware Online


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