Battleground States Extend Mail-in Vote Window

Postmarked ballots will be accepted up to nine days after election in some states. 

Several states announced this week that they would be extending the window of time that mail-in votes would be counted ahead of an unprecedented election in the midst of a global pandemic. In North Carolina votes postmarked on election day will be accepted up to nine days later, and in Wisconsin, the window is six days after election day. 

These actions could mean that a definitive decision regarding the results of the election would come later than November 3. Republicans in Wisconsin have already asked a federal judge to overturn the extended ballot deadlines, and Pennsylvania Republicans have also indicated that they will appeal their state’s deadlines. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would bring the best leader to the U.S. this election
  • That the upcoming election would be free and fair
  • For God to open the hearts of our leaders to His will. 

Sources: NPR, AP, CNN


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