Wait on the Lord

Psalm 27:14 – Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!

There is a reason the Bible is referred to as the sword of the spirit. There is great power in speaking Scripture out loud, and in praying it back to God. Have you ever tried to do this before? There is something very special about hearing God’s Word, and in speaking it out loud to yourself and to others.

In a time of crisis in the United States, today may be a good time to try speaking Scripture out loud. Psalm 27:14 is a good place to start. Read it to yourself a couple of times. Understand what the psalmist was thinking and feeling when he wrote this. Speak it to yourself. Believe the words you are speaking. Gain courage and strength from God’s word in your life today:

I will wait for the Lord; I will be strong, and I will let my heart take courage; I will wait for the Lord!”

Pray With Us

Father God, I will wait on You. I know that You are working, and I know that Your timing is completely perfect. God, I know that I am fighting a battle every day, but I also know that You have already won. Help me remember this as I go about my day. God, grant me strength and courage like the psalmist in Psalm 27 wrote about. Thank You for blessing me with Your Word, that I can gain hope and encouragement from it. And thank You for the power your Word has to cast out evil.


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