State Department has Revoked 1,000 Student Visas

Chinese nationals with ties to the People’s Liberation Army expelled from U.S.

The State Department announced that over 1,000 student visas have been revoked since June for Chinese nationals who have been associated with the People’s Liberation Army. President Trump issued Proclamation 10043 in May of this year that said, “The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is engaged in a wide‑ranging and heavily resourced campaign to acquire sensitive United States technologies and intellectual property, in part to bolster the modernization and capability of its military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)” and set forth guidelines under which student visas would be revoked. The implementation of visa restrictions began in June.

The action particularly concerns “high-risk graduate students and research scholars” from the PRC. Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf said that the Chinese government has been “abusing student visas to exploit American academia” and that by blocking the visas of certain Chinese researchers and students the U.S. aims to prevent “stealing and otherwise appropriating sensitive research.”

“China has leveraged every aspect of its country including its economy, its military, and its diplomatic power, demonstrating a rejection of western liberal democracy and continually renewing its commitment to remake the world order in its own authoritarian image,” the acting secretary said.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and his administration as they seek to secure American scientific and intellectual property.
  • For Acting Secretary Chad Wolf as he leads the Department of Homeland Security.
  • For colleges and universities to be aware and vigilant about the risk of research being stolen.

Sources: CNN, Washington Free Beacon


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