Doctors, Hospitals Prepared If Second COVID Wave Hits

They have a better understanding of the virus.

Doctors and hospital administrators say they are better prepared should a second wave of COVID-19 cases hit in the coming months. They say they have gained a better understanding of how to triage patients, which drugs to use, and what supplies are needed.

When the virus first struck, beds filled up at record speed, ventilators were in short supply, and proven treatments were scarce.

In the months since, doctors say they have developed a better understanding of who needs a ventilator and how quickly a patient can be discharged, and studies have pointed to new drugs that can help.

Hospitals say they are stockpiling masks, other protective equipment, and COVID-19  drugs to meet any surge in demand should cases pick up.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That there would not be a recurrence of the coronavirus this fall, even as the regular flu season approaches.
  • For doctors, hospitals, laboratories, and others to have confidence in their ability to take on another pandemic should it hit.
  • For the president’s administration as it works toward health and economic recovery.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Washington Post 


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