Secretary DeVos to Enforce School Academic Testing

Schools should not expect another waiver, she said.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told state leaders the Trump Administration plans to enforce federal standardized testing requirements for K-12 schools despite the pandemic.

She informed state school superintendents and directors that they should not expect the Education Department to again waive federal testing requirements as it did in the spring during the sudden school closures.

The decision to suspend testing requirements in March and April was the “right call” then, Secretary DeVos wrote, “given the limited information available about the virus at the time and the need to stop its spread, as well as the practical realities limiting the administration of assessments.”

Student assessments are required under the Every Student Succeeds Act, the main law governing K-12 education, she said.

Even though the coronavirus has had a decided impact on children, Secretary DeVos said it is important to continue to measure student achievement and school performance.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For school administrators, teachers, parents and others as testing for academic achievement will resume across the nation.
  • For students impacted by the coronavirus and how that will reflect in assessments.

Sources: Politico, Education Week 


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