Members of Congress Request Ban of Abortion Drug

Poses a ‘significant threat of danger’ to women’s health.

Last week 20 Senators and 71 House Representatives requested that Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn would classify “the abortion pill as an ‘imminent hazard to the public health’ that poses a ‘significant threat of danger’ and remove this pill from the U.S. market.” They note that the drug has taken “more than 3.7 million preborn lives, caused 24 maternal deaths, and resulted in at least 4,195 adverse maternal reactions including hemorrhage, excruciating abdominal pain, and severe life-threatening infections” that are often underreported.

The FDA has a Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy for the abortion pill requiring in person prescription of the pill to women rather than via telemedicine. During the pandemic, abortion advocates have pushed to have this safety standard removed and a federal judge ruled to suspend the requirements, calling them unconstitutional under the outbreak of COVID-19. 

The members of Congress point out that the pill was rushed through the approval process over 20 years ago, that it does not cure or prevent an illness, and poses a serious risk of health complications.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For those in Congress trying to safeguard the health of women. 
  • For wisdom for Commissioner Hahn as he considers the request from legislators.
  • For those who have been harmed by the abortion pill.

Sources: The Federalist, National Review 


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