Be Led by Truth

Give no credence to those who suppress the truth.

Psalm 43:3 – Send out your light and your truth, let them lead me.

One television report will tell you that A-B-C is true. Others may repeat it. Yet others will say it is not true at all, but the truth is in X-Y-Z.  Who can you believe?

In Romans, Paul clearly tells you that there are individuals who suppress the truth. “Suppress” means to “restrain, to push down, to stifle.” Clearly, in suppressing truth, they rebel against God and often against common sense.

When you listen to those reports, whichever A-B-C  or X-Y-Z is reporting them, are you hearing them with ears having a Biblical world view? Or have your thought processes been wrapped up in your own self, your needs and desires, your problems and concerns? Has your heart been darkened?  Is the light of God’s truth not penetrating?

God says it is wicked to stifle or push down the truth…and, you might add, to distort it. He has given you His light and His truth through Jesus and His Holy Word.  Stay in your Bible studies. Pray and ask the Lord to guide you by revealing untruths to you.  He will surely do it.

Pray With Us

Lord God, thank You for Your Word; thank You that I live in a nation where I can possess it, hold it in my hand, study it, and share it with others. Make clear to me through the insight that comes from Your Holy Spirit the things that I am hearing which are not true. Guide me to an understanding of what the truth is.  It means so much in the coming election. Thank You for answering my prayer,


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