President Trump Visiting Kenosha, Wisconsin

Governor had requested the president reconsider, fearing increased unrest.

Last week, President Trump said that he would go to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to visit the site of devastating demonstrations following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. On Monday, Governor Tony Evers of Wisconsin requested that President Trump not come to Kenosha to inspect damage created by rioters as planned due to concerns of increased protests.

Following the governor’s request, a statement from the White House said, “The White House has been humbled by the outreach of individuals from Kenosha who have welcomed the President’s visit and are longing for leadership to support local law enforcement and businesses that have been vandalized. President Trump looks forward to visiting on Tuesday and helping this great city heal and rebuild.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For God to keep President Trump safe in his travels.
  • For the president’s trip to remain peaceful.
  • That God would heal the divisions in our land.

Sources: Fox News, NPR, CNN


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