Work Permits Tougher for Asylum Seekers

New rule requires one year wait time.

Under a new rule, it will now be more difficult for asylum-seeking migrants to obtain work permits in the U.S. The rule, effective Tuesday, will require migrants to wait 365 days from the day they file their asylum petition before applying for a work permit. Previously, the wait time was 150 days.

The rule change also stops asylum-seekers from being able to request work authorization if they entered illegally across the border.

Another recently-implemented rule change eliminated the 30-day window that government adjudicators previously had to approve work authorization petitions from eligible asylum-seekers.

Critics have said that the new rule will lead to greater homelessness, crime, and people living in the shadows. Homeland Security officials noted there are concerns but disagreed with the idea that the policy is “overly burdensome, cruel, or precludes aliens from becoming self-sufficient.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and the many working for that Department.
  • For American workers to obtain the employment they need during the pandemic.
  • For U.S. officials who continue to work on immigration reform.

Sources: CBS News, Newsmax


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