The Right Path

Check the urge to stumble.

Hosea 14:9 –  The ways of the Lord are right, and the upright walk in them.

As babies learn to walk, they often lose their balance, stumble and fall. Sooner or later, they get the gist of maintaining their upright position.

As adults, one might stumble on occasion—when a heel gets caught in a grate, when weakness from illness creates a poor balance, when vision is disrupted or impaired, or even as a side-effect from certain medications.  These and other circumstances create risk to walking upright and steady.

There are risks to the spiritual walk also. In the days preceding this election, if you are wavering from holding one position or another, the urge to stumble is there, even if subconsciously.

God wants you upright. He has provided the way for you to walk; He has said He will direct your path, and have angels guard your steps unless you dash your foot against a stone. If you are feeling out of balance, lean on Him. He is steady and will walk with you, so you won’t come crashing down.

Pray With Us

Dear Lord, I confess that I struggle with going this way or that when it comes to this election and the candidates who are seeking my vote. One person’s television commercial seems altogether convincing, and then I hear the other side, and I become perplexed. Take me into Your Holy Word to know Your way so that I might walk in it and not stumble. Guide me and my thoughts through this political season, I pray,


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