No Need to Trip

A well illuminated walkway provides safety.

Psalm 119:105 – Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

The federal Bureau of Street Lighting issues design standards and guidelines for all kinds of streetscape illuminations, including for pedestrians on sidewalks.  The goal, of course, is public safety, for there are fewer excuses for accidents when a street or sidewalk is well lit.

God’s Word, when read and applied, can help keep you from stepping where you wouldn’t want to, and it directs you to staying on the right path. That’s why the psalmist calls it a lamp and a light.  If you think about the differences, a lamp wouldn’t light the entire pathway, but it would give enough to  keep you safe one step at a time. The larger light gives broader illumination…showing you at least as far as the next bend, so that you can have confidence in the direction you are going. Both are essential, and knowing your Bible gives both to you.

As you watch electioneering and the speeches and debates ahead, you will be able to have discernment about individual statements or points. When you assemble all that you have put together, you will have a broader picture that will direct you in the right way when it comes time to cast your votes.

Pray With Us

Father in Heaven, thank You for Your Holy Word. Thank You that in it I can find what I need for each day and for the lengths of years still ahead of me.  Light up my understanding of the positions that the candidates are holding; give light to the things left unsaid that they might prefer remain hidden. As I compare them and their words to Yours, give me wisdom to see what aligns with You.   Thank You for the Holy Spirit provided as my guide…for it politics in America is still a dark pathway to me.  In Jesus’ Name,


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