More Hand Sanitizers Declared Potentially Dangerous

Methanol is a toxic ingredient, FDA says.

The Food and Drug Administration added a dozen brands of hand sanitizers to its ever-growing list of potentially dangerous products. All of them contain methanol, or wood alcohol, a substance used in making antifreeze and fuel, that can be toxic if ingested.

Most of these products appear to be manufactured in Mexico. The FDA urges consumers not to purchase any from their list even if a particular hand sanitizer isn’t listed in their updated list of recalls.

The FDA has asked makers to take their products off the market because they are “placing consumers in danger of methanol poisoning.” One death has already been linked to one of the products on the list.

Buyers who have the hand sanitizers should consider them hazardous waste and not flush or pour them down drains.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • With gratitude for the scientists at the Food and Drug Administration for alerting the public to the dangers of some hand sanitizers.
  • For individuals who have been exposed to products and suffered the results of the toxicity.

Sources: Fox Business, Newsmax


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