Where Responsibility Lies

Who will Americans hold responsible?

Psalm 37:1, 3 – Fret not yourself because of evildoers; trust in the Lord, and do good.

Does it seem like evil is winning? Why do some people get away with what they are doing?  What is going on?

Psalm 37 addresses some of those very issues.  The simple answer is when evil seems to be winning, trust in the Lord.  The very first verse of this psalm tells you not to fret. Actually, it says “fret not yourself.” There’s a lot to be seen there. Who is fretting you? This verse tells you that you are the one who is responsible for those feelings of angst and anger.

You must learn to leave the results of evil-doing up to the Lord. They will come to an end. Verse 10 says, “In just a little while, the wicked will be no more.”

In the meantime, know that wicked plots will continue. Don’t be discouraged, or angry, or even envious or jealous. On the other hand, do good, for God loves justice. Put your refuge in Him. Trust Him.

Pray With Us

Almighty God, I confess that, even though I see unlawfulness and evil around me, it is I myself who “frets” me. I get angry at their unrighteousness; and I get angry when it doesn’t appear that justice is being handed down. So I look for someone to hold responsible. But, as Your Word reminds me today, these emotions are solely my responsibility. Help me keep my focus on You as my stronghold in the time of trouble. I take my refuge in You and keep my hope in You, Lord.


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