Interior Department Announces Task Force Executive Director

Interagency “Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes” to be led by Charles Laudner

Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt announced Charles Laudner as Executive Director of the Interagenct Task Force for Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes. Mr. Laudner will be tasked with day-to-day activities of the task force. He has served in the National Parks Service since 2018.

Currently serving as Assistant Director for Legislative and Congressional Affairs, Mr. Laudner said he agrees with President Trump in recognizing that statues and monuments “call forth gratitude for the accomplishments and sacrifices of our exceptional fellow citizens who, despite their flaws, placed their virtues, their talents, and their lives in the service of our Nation.” Potential locations and options for the creation of the National Garden of American Heroes is to be submitted to the president within the next 60 days.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the Department of the Interior as they steward national lands.
  • For Charles Laudner as he leads the monument Task Force. 
  • For an end to the pandemic.

Sources: Department of the Interior


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