Calmly Wait

God’s timing for America might differ from yours.

Psalm 25:5 – Lead me in your truth and teach me…for you I wait all the day long.

You just can’t rush it!  You’ve probably heard many a parent say that to a child who Is waiting for the home-made ice-cream churner to produce that lovely cold conclusion to a patio cookout.  That wise parent might also have said that good things come to those who wait.

Psychologists will tell you there is great importance attached to waiting.  The exercise of patience builds character.  God never seems to be in a hurry, although you may be. From your perspective, you have everything figured out and you want God to move within your timeframe and within your plan.  But God rarely does things according to your schedule. If you aren’t careful, you could conclude that He is uncaring or not listening to your pleas.

He wants you to be active in your waiting. Today’s verse says, “lead me” and “teach me” and that lets you know that you have someplace to go and something to learn. Yet, it will be at the pace the Lord sets for you.  While He leads you and teaches you, you will be increasing your intimacy and dependence upon Him. And isn’t that the best of all outcomes?

Pray With Us

Loving Heavenly Father, it is my longing to have a rich relationship with You, to know You more intimately and trust You more completely. While I am waiting, do lead and teach me, and reveal Your heart to me, so that I might see outcomes the way You planned them. Take away my urgency to have things happen right now. Teach me to patiently and calmly wait on You, for You are great and Your ways are the only right path for me. Thank You, Father.


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