President Voices Concerns about Mail-in Ballots

Election results could be delayed for months, he says.

President Trump repeated his criticism of mail-in ballots. He said the program is filled with fraud.

“People are just now seeing how bad, dishonest, and slow it is,” he said on Twitter. “Election results could be delayed for months. No more big election night answers?” He added that 1 percent of mail-in ballots were “not even counted in 2016. Ridiculous!” He called it a formula for rigging the election.

However, President Trump later defended absentee ballots. “Absentee Ballots are fine because you have to go through a precise process to get your voting privilege,” he said.

That isn’t the case with mail-in ballots, the president said, suggesting that there could be as many as 20 percent fraudulent ballots if mail-in voting takes place.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For federal election officials and state election groups as they determine how best to handle voting during the 2020 presidential election in view of the COVID-19 virus.
  • About the need for solid controls and safeguards over America’s elections.
  • About American confidence in the coming election.

Sources: Newsmax, Twitter, The Hill


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