New “Rethink Higher Education” Rules in Effect

Protection of religious freedoms holds a prominent place.

New regulations based on the Rethink Higher Education agenda put forth by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos went into effect as of last week. Measures include educational options being expanded for students, increasing protection for schools with religious missions, and ensuring that workforce needs are met by occupationally-focused education.

Also part of the regulations is an overhaul of the Gainful Employment and Borrower Defense. The new rules will protect individual borrowers from fraud, require due process, and protect taxpayers. A grants rule will guarantee religious students’ Constitutional rights as participants in Federal Student Aid or other funding options of the Department of Education. Teachers will also be free to focus on teaching their students rather than having to meet arbitrary paperwork deadlines.

Secretary DeVos said, “We tackled a huge regulatory overhaul, and thanks to achieving historic consensus among higher education leaders, have published several new rules that will improve access to higher education for students, lower the cost, reduce regulatory burden for schools, and protect taxpayers who subsidize higher education.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the Department of Education and Secretary DeVos as improvements are made to the educational process.
  • For students across the country to benefit from the updated regulations set in place.

Sources: Department of Education


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