Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States

Mike Pence

Vice President of the United States

Michael Richard “Mike” Pence was born in June 1959 in Columbus, Indiana. He graduated from Columbus North High School, earned a B.A. in History from Hanover College, and a Juris Doctor from the Indiana University’s Robert H. McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis.

After law school, Pence engaged in the private practice of law.  He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for twelve years before becoming Governor of the State of Indiana. He held that office until January 2017, when he resigned in favor of taking his position as the Vice President of the United States.

Pence is married to Karen and they have three children. In his childhood and early adulthood, Pence was a Roman Catholic. While in college, Pence became an evangelical, born-again Christian, and would later identify himself as a “common-sense conservative” on the order of Ronald Reagan.

In the News…

Assertions in the media of a coming second wave of coronavirus infections amounts to “fearmongering,” Vice President Pence said in an interview.

He argued that the reports on rising case numbers were media hype that discounted progress in fighting the virus.

“Despite the fact that many in the media lately are seizing on new cases in some states and around the country, the truth is we’ve made great progress,” he said.

“That’s the real story and the fearmongering that’s been going on in much of the national media, I think, is a great disservice to the American people who literally… are proving every day that we can reopen America, we can do it in a safe and responsible way,” the vice president added.

According to the vice president, who was charged with leading the White House Coronavirus Task Force, testing has accelerated to 500,000 per day. By September, the administration expects states will have the capability to test 20-30 million people per month.

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