46 States See Hiring Bump, Unemployment Remains High

State employment gaps increase, tourism industries hit hardest.

With many states ushering in soft to full re-openings in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, an increase in national hiring trends was reported by the Labor Department at the end of the week. Although unemployment rates were unchanged in nine states and rose in three, the other 38 states saw an overall unemployment decline of 1.4%.

Many attribute this bump in hiring to the effects of the CARES act, especially in the dividends offered to small businesses. Some also speculate that this progress is due to people being sick of being cooped up indoors, but question how long the surge due to both of those factors will last in the coming months.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the Department of Labor as they do their best to support the unemployed.
  • For recipients of the CARES act. May they use that gift to its fullest potential.
  • That small businesses would be preserved as we move into a pandemic-lined future.

Sources:  AP, Labor Department


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