National Health Institute Lays Off 54 Researchers

Let go for having financial ties to foreign governments.

Fifty-four research scientists at the National Institutes of Health have been released from the taxpayer-funded agency.

In August 2018, the NIH launched an investigation, and its results are shaking up the U.S. biomedical community. Results of that still-ongoing investigation has led to the removal of the scientists, all grant recipients. Those research scientists failed to disclose financial ties to a foreign government—mostly China. They violated NIH rules against simultaneously receiving funds from the U.S. government and foreign entities.

In other words, the scientists are not allowed to be paid by American taxpayers, do the research and other tasks, and then be paid by another country in exchange for that research information.

The NIH has 6,000 research scientists and a multi-billion-dollar budget. It is the parent organization for high-profile scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has not been implicated in the biomedical espionage.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the investigators at the National Institutes of Health as they continue looking into the scientific community ties to foreign governments.
  • About the national security implications of shared information or possible manipulations of information by scientists with a divided “loyalty.”

Sources:  Washington Free Beacon, Hot Air, AAAS


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