Senator Romney Unveils Police Reform Bill

Law would create supervisory boards to act as a check on police.

Earlier this week, Senator Mitt Romney announced that he was working on a bi-partisan policy reform bill that would address many of the national pain points that had arisen as a result of the murder of George Floyd. Senator Romney marched with Black Lives Matter organizers over the weekend to show his solidarity with the cause of black and brown Americans who are subjected to unfair and prejudiced policing practices. 

As part of his announcement of the new policing bill, Senator Romney also criticized the policing bill released by Democrat House members saying, “the fact that it has no Republican sponsors, the fact that there was no effort to contact any of us to have us weigh in on the legislation, suggests it’s designed to be a message piece, as opposed to a real piece of legislation.” The goal of the senator’s bill would be to create oversight boards of community members to act as a check on police, as well as introduce new training requirements aimed at fighting racial bias.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That God would use Senator Romney to reach across the aisle to bring meaningful changes to U.S. policing.
  • For the Senate to pass legislation that offers equal protection under the law to all Americans.
  • That God would heal the racial divisions in our nation and our hearts. 

Sources:  Politico, New York Times, AP


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