U.S. Regains 2.5 Million Jobs in May

Unemployment drops to 13.3 percent.

The Department of Labor announced May’s job report on Friday, showing that the fast rise in unemployment had slowed from April’s high of 14.7%. With 2.5 million jobs brought back into the economy, the unemployment rate dropped to 13.3% in May. Nearly all industries were able to readd jobs including hospitality, retail, and construction.

President Trump praised the new report, stating that recovery would look like a “rocket ship” on the unemployment chart with a large spike during the pandemic, quickly returning to the historically low unemployment rate. “This shows that what we’ve been doing is right,” President Trump said, with regards to his administration’s efforts to reopen the country. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For God to allow those out of work to find employment quickly.
  • For President Trump to be led by God as to how best to help the economy recover. 
  • That the Labor Department would have the clearest possible insight on the job market.

Sources:  AP, NPR, CNN


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