House Members Call for Unions to Stop Collecting Dues

May create additional hardship for unemployed workers.

Certain members of the House of Representatives sent letters to the four largest U.S. workers’ unions this week requesting confirmation that dues are not being collected from workers who are unemployed due to the pandemic.  Representatives Virginia Foxx of North Carolins and Tim Walberg of Michigan, both members of the Education and Labor Committee, said that reports of union members being required to continue paying dues despite being laid off spurred them to action. 

The representatives also wanted assurance that dues are not being deducted from direct deposits under the Paycheck Protection Program relief loans. “[M]any businesses are now receiving certain federal loans intended to help keep them in business and assist with the cost of wages temporarily, in order to help Americans get back to work,” they wrote. “Those government loans should be used for that express purpose — to support businesses in the short term and help fund the wages of their workers.”

Over 40 million American workers having filed for unemployment during the coronavirus lockdown.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the members of the House as they seek to ease the burden of the unemployed.
  • For Congress to work in ways that support recovery from the pandemic.

Sources: Washington Free Beacon, Fox Business


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