Senate Chaplain Prays, “Inoculate Our Nation Against Hate”

“Use our lawmakers for your glory,” he said.

Earlier this week, while opening the United State Senate’s session with a prayer, Senate Chaplain Barry Black employed the power of prayer and faith to put God at center stage in the Christian response to the ongoing pain and protests over the death of George Floyd.

“Use our lawmakers for Your glory,” he prayed. “May they strike to find a vaccine to inoculate our nation against hate, sin, and despair.”

He prayed, “Today we weep. We weep because every death diminishes us. We weep because of the grief of George Floyd’s family. We weep because of the explosive impact of deferred dreams. We weep because of the potentially catastrophic consequences of peaceful protesting during a pandemic.

“We weep because justice delayed is justice denied. We weep because of the paralysis of analysis that often impedes Your prevailing providence. We weep because of our personal culpability during these tragic times. We weep because of our sins of commission and omission. We weep because we know You are weeping,” he prayed.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Chaplain Barry Black, his beautiful testimony of the love of Christ, and the duties he carries out with members of the United States Senate.
  • For people across America who are grieving for the state of the nation.

Sources: CBN News, C-SPAN


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