PRAYER ALERT – Demonstrations Escalate

Leaders call for peace in the wake of clashes between protesters and police.

Today marks the eighth day of national protests following the death of George Floyd during an arrest by Minneapolis police. What started as vigils and peaceful demonstrations have turned to unrest and riots in dozens of cities nationwide. Thousands of arrests have been made amid millions of dollars in property damage from looting and vandalism, as well as assaults and arson. Several states have mobilized their National Guards and instituted curfews. Many of the peace-seeking organizers and public officials have condemned the violence by saying that those committing illegal activity are “opportunists” and “extremists”.

Congressman John Lewis, a leader of the civil rights movement of the 1960s, said, “I see you, and I hear you. I know your pain, your rage, your sense of despair, and hopelessness. Rioting, looting, and burning is not the way. Organize. Demonstrate. Sit-in. Stand-up. Vote. Be constructive, not destructive.”

Senator Tim Scott echoed these comments by saying, “Violence in the midst of this, these protests, simply takes away from the actual issue which is that George Floyd lost his life.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a statement, “I’ve always been a supporter of demonstrations, but they need to be peaceful… and this senseless violence in reaction to this is not helpful to anyone and I hope it will stop.” He added, “For millions and millions of outraged Americans, these tragedies do not appear as isolated incidents, but as the latest disturbing chapters in our long, unfinished American struggle to ensure that equal justice under law is not conditional on the color of one’s skin.”

In a call for unity and prayer, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said over the weekend, “Let’s be prayerful, especially on a Sunday morning, about how we can put our differences aside, because this is the greatest country in the world, and we want to live up to the legacy of America.”

President Donald Trump also called on protestors to keep their demonstrations peaceful. In talking with reporters at the White House, the president said, “I understand the hurt. I understand the pain. People have really been through a lot.” He added that he was in contact with the family of George Floyd, “The family of George is entitled to justice and the people of Minnesota are entitled to live in safety.” He concluded that “Law and order will prevail.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for the president as he leads during these tumultuous times.
  • For guidance for all who are in authority and that they would seek God’s direction in every decision that they make.
  • For safety and encouragement for National Guard personnel, law enforcement, and first responders around the nation.
  • For God’s peace to prevail and for an end to the violence.
  • For healing and unity for the nation in the days to come.

Sources: ABC News, CNN, Fox News, MSN, Washington Times


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