Concern Over Foreign Influence During U.S. Unrest

White House adviser says hostile nations utilizing social media to stoke racial division.

Robert O’Brien, the White House national security adviser, said foreign powers were trying to exploit the state of U.S. race relations and the protests over George Floyd’s death.

Over the weekend, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, the acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, tweeted that he was seeing “very heavy” social media activity on nationwide demonstrations and counter reactions linked to at least three foreign adversaries. “They didn’t create these divisions. But they are actively stoking and promoting violence and confrontation from multiple angles,” he wrote.

O’Brien said that the senator was “spot on,” saying he also saw tweets from the Chinese taking pleasure and solace in the chaos in America.  He also mentioned Zimbabwe and Iran. He also said he has been on the phone with allies of the U.S. and other national security advisers as they look into interference from foreign adversaries.

Former national security adviser in the Obama administration, Susan Rice has also said that she wouldn’t be surprised if extremists who have come to “hijack” the peaceful protests were being funded by Russians.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Robert O’Brien and others who are advising President Trump concerning domestic policy and dealing with the racial unrest in America.
  • For Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and others dealing with foreign allies and adversaries and keeping a truthful and right perspective on what is happening in America.

Sources: ABC News, Politico, Fox News


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