U.K. Prime Minister and President Trump Discuss Meetings

Possibility of in-person G-7 Summit or Global Vaccine Summit.

Global leaders Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Donald Trump talked together on Friday about what it would take for them to have an in-person meeting in the midst of this global pandemic. The annual G7 Summit was rescheduled and reconfigured to take place over video call because of it, but a Global Vaccine Summit has been organized and is scheduled to take place in the U.K. this June. Johnson invited Trump to take part in the summit, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation in order to tackle the coronavirus.

Both parties are interested in one-on-one in person meetings during one or each of those conferences, where they will further discuss current issues such as national security in Hong Kong, and the reasonableness of the “One Party, Two Systems” policy between the former U.K. colony and the mainland of China.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For international leaders to lead cooperatively together during this time of crisis.
  • For discernment for President Donald Trump as he address multiple issues at the same time.
  • That the upcoming Global Vaccine Summit will be productive, civil, and guided by the Spirit of God.

Sources: AP


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