White House Aims to Cut Provider Red Tape

President seeks to maintain reduced healthcare occupational regulations.

President Trump would like make certain regulation reductions permanent that have temporarily been suspended for doctors and nurses due to the pandemic. Tomas Philipson, Acting Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, said “The White House has a long interest in further cutting down occupational regulations or state licensing requirements that are unnecessary.”

Deregulating telemedicine is one example of the measures the president’s administration has taken to increase the access of patients to their doctors. The ability to be paid for an electronic appointment not only benefits the physician but saves the patient hours off work to travel to a provider’s office. 

Another area of latitude given to the medical industry has been with regard to state medical licensing rules. Prior to the outbreak of the virus, the president had expressed the desire to reform occupational licensing laws that create barriers for qualified medical personnel to relocate to areas where they are needed. Certain rules have been suspended to allow doctors and nurses to assist in out-of-state hospitals during the pandemic. Permanently changing these rules would assist in both the health and the economic recovery of the nation.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For President Trump to effectively oversee the transition into the next stage of the Executive Branch. 
  • For Chief of Staff Meadows to manage the transition plan with care and strong leadership.
  • That God would guide the result of the upcoming election to be the best for our nation. 

Sources: NPR, Center for Presidential Transition


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