President Concerned with States Expanding Vote-by-mail

Proposes withholding federal funds from states that expand voting method. 

This past week, President Trump continued to voice concern over states that are implementing new systems to encourage voting-by-mail in the midst of the pandemic. President Trump said that he would consider withdrawing federal funding from states that expand their mail-in ballot programs that he warned leads to “a lot of illegality.”

President Trump has highlighted the risk that the expanded programs could lead to skewed results in the polls in November. The president specifically referenced Michigan, stating via Twitter that he would ask to hold up funds to that state if they continue the increased vote-by-mail promotion. He has not yet indicated what funding he will seek to withhold from states that continue expanding mail-in ballot programs for the fall election. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For President Trump to have wisdom on how to assure every American has access to their right to vote.
  • That Congress would work with state governments to ensure the accuracy of tallied ballots.
  • That God would bring about His will in the upcoming November election. 

Sources: AP, Fox News, CNN


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