Supreme Court Issues Trademark Opinion

Allows lawsuit between brands to move forward. 

The Supreme Court issued a decision on the trademark case of Lucky Brand Dungarees, Inc. v. Marcel Fashion Group, Inc. on Thursday. The unanimous decision by the Justices of the Court ruled that Marcel Fashion Group could not keep Lucky Brand from bringing new defenses of its trademark. This case dealt with the legal doctrine of res judicata – a common law doctrine that discourages overly repetitive litigation. 

Such cases of res judicata are often argued and determined based on the particulars of the specific circumstances of the litigation. In this case, the Court determined that since the trademark case challenged different conduct, and brought different claims from an earlier dispute between the two parties, the lawsuit could move forward. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For God to lead the Justices of the Court in other opinions they are writing. 
  • For wisdom for the Court on which cases to hear in the future. 
  • That the protection of the law would make the nation a better place to live. 

Sources: SCOTUSblog, Supreme Court


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